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The outskirts of Oberhofer's lo-fi, bedroom creations come course in make-up. There's heaps of helpless yelping and devil-may-care fretwork encasing most of what the young Brooklyn outfit does...like some mossy blanket of electric fuzz. But it's slop that's an offshoot of a more euphonious core, and if you slurp up our latest live concert offering from the band, we guarantee you'll be putting back your recommended daily allowance of melodious nourishment in the process.

See, you'll hear it in the "oohhs" and "ahhs" of songs like "o0O0o0O0o" and "I Could Go As Well". It shuttles about in carefree whistling and glockenspiel passages. And then there's the personality at the helm of the outfit...Brad Oberhofer providing deadpan observations in the crevices that lie between songs. Like the sweet shot of nectar that it is, our latest concert release features gobs of home style pulp for a sweet and sugary finish. We suggest handling in multiple servings, daily. David Pitz

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When your songs are too big to be contained: form a band. Maybe call it after your family name because you like the way it sounds (sh*t, if it worked for Bon Jovi then who's to argue). Record those songs in the basement of your parents' house in Tacoma. When that burns down, shake it off and move to New York. Find a new band to play with, start working on a symphony (no really, do it), mix your newfound formal training with the noisy exuberance of youth. Get raucous. Jambase



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