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Ever wonder how well you can get to know someone over the course of an evening? In a search for some fresh ideas, our ambitious production intern began embarking on a series of evening-long journeys to profile a variety of artists from all angles, via questions and performance in one overlapping, concentrated, integrated segment we've dubbed "The Moment".

In our latest installment of the hypnotic musical series, Reuben Metzler focuses his lens not on a singular evening but an epic concert experience, embarking on a pilgrimage from NYC to Manchester Tennessee to capture a small slice of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Aiming his camera on a mlange of artists (Everest, Langhorne Slim, Dodos, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Imelda May, She & Him, and the Flaming Lips, for example) in a variety of unique settings and environments, this episode of "The Moment", like the festival itself, is a culmination of a lot of moments, attacking the senses in a scattered yet visceral manner.

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The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is a four-day, multi-stage camping festival held on a beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee every June. Bonnaroo brings together some of the best performers in rock and roll, along with dozens of artists in complementary styles such as jazz, Americana, hip-hop, electronica, and just about any contemporary music you can think of. In addition to dozens of epic performances, the festival's 100-acre entertainment village buzzes around the clock with attractions and activities including a classic arcade, on-site cinema, silent disco, comedy club, theater performers, a beer festival, and a music technology village. For its peaceful vibe, near-flawless logistics, and unrivaled entertainment options, Rolling Stone magazine named this revolutionary entertainment experience one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll.



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