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When singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten strolls through her rose colored songs, she does so with her most vulnerable emotions, intentions, and inspirations guiding her way. To know the New Yorker's songs is to devour and feel those experiences that shaped them for ones' self. Bruised, devastating, vulnerable. This might seem the best way to describe Van Etten...until you have the opportunity to witness her powerful, singular presence - her eyes pressed tight, her movements absorbing every moment of performance - for yourself. Though she wades through the deepest, darkest trenches of the heart, she does so with a bold and powerful statement in mind. That statement, these songs... Make no mistake. Van Etten emerges the beautiful victor in the end. - David Pitz


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Sharon Van Etten is a Jersey born, Tennessee raised, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. She grew up playing anything placed in front of her: piano, violin, guitar, etc. Later, as her nascent musicality bloomed into full sprung awareness, she joined every choir and musical she could possibly audition for. This eventually lead to Sharon writing her own material, songs she wouldn't start performing live until she moved back to the east coast. In the interim she found her own voice and began a love-affair with the grass-roots style of music that flowers throughout her debut release.



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Sharon Van Etten

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