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Though he's wielded plenty of hocus pocus with two previous solo releases, Luke Temple's latest project - the miraculously titled, Here We Go Magic - is perhaps one of the whimsical songwriter's broadest, recorded explorations to date. Working in a variety of sonic textures, Temple's new band and subsequent album seesaws back and forth at will, dipping into vintage pop puddles and more ambient landscapes as it pleasantly unravels over the course of its' 38 minutes.

In this stripped back performance from Baeble's Guest Apartment, Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple and Mike Bloch whip up an acoustic swirl of guitar with their misty recreation of album stand out, "Tunnel Vision", then drive the heart into a rapid pitter pat with a stirring folk duet titled "How Could I Lie". A little slice of magic, indeed...

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We like the way the name sounds so we set it to music. Our own Luke made a beautiful record and we joined him to make something together. We are creating songs from melodies that can turn from gorgeous to challenging to a little scary and back again. Sounds are driven and shaped by, but hopefully never grounded by, rhythms that entrance before performing a somersault. It all seems silly on paper, but there are no dirty words: groovy, psychedelic, pretty etc... are all fair game. It is our hope that we generate something generous and surprising, crafted but instinctive, even as it coalesces. So far it is a lovely ruckus.



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