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22-year-old Randy Chabot has a vision; a rainbow particle painted, experimental pop, tiny invisible robots orchestrating, vision that has become the sound behind the Detroit based, full fledged band Deastro. Deastro brought their sprinkles of dreamy fantasy, electronic pop, weighted down to earth with melodies and heartfelt lyrics, to the Baeble Guest Apartment.

Packing synthesizers and a long lashed, big eyed duck hat (yes, really), Randy Chabot, accompanied (in spirit) by Jeff Supina, Mark Smak, and Brian Connelly translated some of the whimsical space pop from their new album Moondagger to real life, wrapped in Christmas lights and transfixed by digital instruments that support a fraction of Deastro's optimistic electropop. Watch their performance and get blissfully transported into their outer space world. - Laura Yan

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Randolph Chabot has been making albums since he was 12 years old now, at 22, the Detroit-based musician known as Deastro is ready for his close-up.

Vermillion Plaza the second single from Deastro's upcoming full-length debut Moondagger, miniaturizes the album's best assets and shoots them out of a cannon. Plucky synth arpeggios, end-of-the-world choruses, joyously careening melody linesit's all there, squashed into a life-affirming three minutes and 50 seconds. When Chabot pleads for contact, singing, Would you be my son / 'cause all of mine have died?, it's less a cry of self-pity than an exhilarating salute to the power of human connection.

Recently, Chicago-based photographer/videographer James P. Morsea longtime friend and collaborator of Ghostly'sfollowed Chabot around Detroit for a day and edited the footage into Ghostly Presents: Deastro, a video profile whose warm, colorful aesthetic matches Chabot's energy and positivity to a T. Chabot putters around his Detroit home, visits his favorite bookstore, gushes about Isaac Asimov and Simone de Beauvoir, and plays a sweaty, packed show with his band. It's a loving portrait of an artist who stays true to his beliefs, staying passionate, engaged, and creative in all of his endeavors.

Deastro's full-band debut, Moondagger, arrives on June 23rd, and his Vermillion Plaza single along with its B-side, a squelchy, lumbering remix by Ghostly Swim featured artist Mux Mool drops May 12th on Ghostly International.


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