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Victory has the kind of clear, angelic voice that seems to transcend normal facets of humanity. It positively soars, and it seems like it can make you forget all of the worlds problems. But thats not what she wants. Victory wants you to remember. She wants you to remember where you came from, who you are, and who she is. When she looks into the camera, she practically dares you to ignore the color of her skin or to forget her fight. This is who I am, this is where I came from, she croons. These are my people, this is our struggle."

She writes all her own songs (In central park, no less- cant you just imagine her sitting on a blanket with a notebook in one hand?) and she achieves the sort of raw, simple honestly that many songwriters would kill for. Her lyrics make you want to cling onto every word, and luckily Victory draws out each syllable perfectly, letting each note hang in the air.

Its the kind of show that commands your attention, and it certainly caught the attention of Jaz-Z, who signed her to his label Roc Nation after seeing a video of her performing with her family in Central Park. Thats the kind of serendipitous encounter that changes lives, and Victorys career has certainly taken off. But Victory realizes that its staying true to yourself, to your family, and to your story thats truly important. Thats whats going to keep her feet on the ground during her impending, well deserved, and astronomical rise towards the stars.

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If you drive around with the windows down in the shadow of Dodger Stadium, where the twisty streets are punctuated by cozy bungalows, and the purple blooms of the jacaranda trees are nurtured by the southern California sun, you might be lucky enough to hear the sound of a young man following his bliss and finding his muse.

Victory is the project of Robert Fleming, a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist who, alone in his room, produces new songs that are at once fresh, familiar and focused. These are the songs of the modern troubadour, that brave soul who finds beauty in the everyday noise of the city, and art in the conflict of the day.

Demonstrations is the first offering from Victory, a 7-song EP independently released in September 2011 in limited quantity and pressed to 10 vinyl. A full-length LP is planned for a 2013 Spring release.



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