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Indie-folk outfit Twain recently stopped by Baeble to deliver an intimate set of songs. Paired with his guitar, he sent chills down our spines with beautiful renditions of songs including "Black Chair," off of his sophomore album Rare Feeling. With lyrics "I'm losing you and I don't know what to do," he purges feelings of loneliness and confusion. He seamlessly strings together pitch-perfect musicality and raw emotion, exuding warmth with a quiet intensity.

With effortlessly stunning guitar and vocal riffs, he explores profound concepts in songs such as "Hank & Georgia," which he states, "is the metaphor for the conflict between the masculine and feminine that one feels internally." When he sings, he takes his time and sustains notes that evaporate into a whirlpool of emotion.

Twain is currently on tour. Pick up some tix!
Nov 21 | Kansas City, MO at The Riot Room w/ The Deslondes
Dec 04 | San Francisco, CA at Hemlock Tavern
Dec 05 | Los Angeles, CA at Resident w/ Charlie Parr & John Mark Nelson
Dec 09 | San Marcos, TX at Wintercamp Festival w/ Little Mazarn
Dec 10 | Dallas, TX at Double Wide w/ Jacob Metcalf & Claire Morales
Dec 11 | Oklahoma City, OK at Okay Yeah / The Plant Shoppe
Dec 12 | Fayetteville, AR at Heartbreak House
Dec 15 | Austin, TX at Central Presbyterian Church w/ Little Mazarn
Dec 16 | Lafayette, LA at Worrytime at Sickbay w/ Julie Odell, Man Is Flower & AveAzul
Dec 28 | Rockville Centre, NY at Cannon's Blackthorn w/ The Felice Brothers & Spirit Family Reunion
Dec 29 | Jersey City, NJ at White Eagle Hall
Dec 30 | Washington, DC at Union


I play music under the name Twain.
And you're watching Baeble Music.
Georgia, Georgia Take me out tonight
I don't feel right, all right
Hank, I'll take you dancing
I'll take you out on the town I know why you're down, so down
You're gonna have to learn to love the part of yourself
you've hated for so long
You're gonna have to learn to love the part of yourself
you hated for so long
Hank, it's so simple You barely even have to try
Just let yourself cry, cry
It's not just for your own good You owe it to everyone
When you curse yourself, you're cursing everyone
Yourself, you curse us all
So you're gonna have to learn to love the part of yourself
you've hated for so long
You're gonna have to learn to love the part of yourself
you hated for so long
You're gonna have to learn, to learn to love
You're gonna have to love to learn to learn to love
I don't know if I ever was a New Yorker.
I mean, I aspired to be one.
- Just barely there.
- Yeah.
- Well, I was traveling a lot of that time, too, so it was really more like four years, but... Honestly, I love being a tourist again, and with the added benefit of knowing my way around a little bit and not getting quite as lost, just seeing it was fresh eyes again, seeing all the people and the expanse that I started to tune out after many years.
Yeah, it's wonderful.
The first one is called "Hank & Georgia," and that is a metaphor for the conflict between the masculine and the feminine that one feels internally.
And in this case, it's described as a married couple, and the masculine figure is asking the feminine for advice and for help.
And she's trying to help with this, like, lost or self-destructive side.
The second one is a new song called "Working.
" That's pretty self-explanatory, just, like, a little prayer.
I was just working on my life Got to get it right
Everyday, nothin' seems to change But I am not the same
Let me go, I wanna do my thing I wanna make it rain
I'm gonna try and glorify my mind I wanna make it shine
Oh, it's just working on my life Got to get it right
It's Scott McMicken.
He is…as lot of people know, he is one of the two principal singers of Dr.
When I heard his voice in particular growing up, it really liberated me.
I just had never heard anyone perform like him.
And he called me up one day.
A mutual friend of ours had passed the last album along, and we started having this, like, mail collaboration, sending tapes back and forth in the mail, and just, I don't know, trying out different arrangements and making most of these recordings, which we did in his, like, tool shed.
And he kind of was the atmosphere.
Like, helped us a lot from an engineering perspective, in getting sounds, and showing us some of his tricks.
He's really familiar with the machine we were using and with recording to tape in general.
So, yeah, a lot of the energy in the record comes from that.
And the third song is called "Black Chair," and that's the second song on Rare Feeling.
I'm losing you but you're losing me, too You're everything that I need
And if I were not such a greedy man, I could see it, man
Don't be scared Honey, don't be afraid
They only want to get paid
I only want to get closer to anything at all
The streets were bare Not a thought in the air
Paris now feels like a dream
Wasting my last breath on schemes of love I had seen too high above
I'm losing you and I don't know what to do
How do you know it's the end How do you lead your best friend
into your loneliness, into your loneliness, into your loneliness
into your loneliness
The worst came true I didn't know what to do
Breathing myself in the air leaning way back in my big, black chair
into my loneliness, into my lonlieness, into, into my lonlieness
The last two records feature the same players as this one.
It's called Rare Feeling.
And before that, I was making all the music alone.
So it's a really stark transition between when those guys showed up and before aliveness and, like, the atmosphere.
The last record we made, I'm really proud of, Life Labors in the Choir.
I love when people discover that one.
It was the first really full-feeling record that we pulled off, yeah.
I always had a pretty hard time expressing myself, talking to people, commanding attention, in, like, the regular way, so decided to opt for a venue where people don't have a choice to, like, you know... You have a captive attention.
at least for a while.
I just hope it's something to...can relate to or...especially if it's something they felt alone in.
Can't stick around for eternity
Not like we do every moment I'm close to you
Not llike we do every moment I'm next to you

Artist Bio

Twain is the masterfully delicate creation of Mt. Davidson. Over the course of a young but eventful career, Davidson has contributed his virtuoso musicianship to the likes of The Low Anthem, Spirit Family Reunion, Deslondes and more. Now narrowing his focus to the solo project, Davidson maintains roots in indie folk and Americana while thoughtfully exploring sounds of psychedelia, making Rare Feeling a distinguishing, multi-textured beast. Without word of new release, Twain has secured support slots for Big Thief, Lucy Dacus and Langhorne Slim, as well as coveted sets at tastemaking festivals including Newport Folk, Nelsonville Music Festival and Whispering Beard. Demand for his devastatingly raw stage presence continues to build nationwide.



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