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Singer and multi-instrumentalist Suzanne Santo of HONEYHONEY recently released her debut solo album, Ruby Red, and when she was in town for a show at Rough Trade, we were lucky to have her make a pit stop at the Baeble Studio. During her time here, she performed a handful of songs off of the excellent record, including "The Wrong Man," "Better Than That," "Ghost In My Bed," and "Yours or Mine."

Back in September, we premiered a live version of the album's lead single, "Handshake." I called it "riveting" and "heartbreaking" and after getting to experience it while sitting in the same room as Santo, I strongly stand by those claims. When Santo opened her mouth and began to sing, it wasn't exactly what we expected: a huge, expansive voice singing lyrics about getting wasted and the most epic heartbreaks. Not to mention, when she just simply talks, she has a very strong and lovable personality (and a sailor's mouth), which results in an interesting juxtaposition between herself and the music. Like I said months ago, it's absolutely riveting.

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Caught halfway between the dark swoon of pop-noir, the raw rasp of soul music, and the honest punch of Americana, Suzanne Santo's Ruby Red tells the story of a singer, songwriter, and mul-ti-instrumentalist who, more than 10 years into an acclaimed career, is turning a new corner. Produced by multi-platinum Grammy nominee Butch Walker (whose Los Angeles recording stu-dio gives the album its name), Ruby Red marks Santo's first release as a solo artist. For the past decade, she's spent most of her time fronting the Americana duo HONEYHONEY, whittling her banjo, violin, and vocal chops into sharp shape along the way. Here, she takes a break from that longtime gig to explore something different, creating a moody, sexually-charged album filled with organic instruments, distorted fiddle, Walker's powerful electric guitar, and Santo's most stunning vocal performances to date. "I think I started writing songs for this record long before I realized that I was writing songs for this record, said Santo. Ive identified with a collaboration for so long that the thought of taking a leap into the depths ofmy own music and having no idea what that would look like, definitely came as a shock. I was getting lazy and not finishing the tasks at hand like I really wanted, deep down, tobe able todo. Writing this record was bewitching in a way.Before they collaborated onRuby Red, Santo made multiple appearances on Butch Walker's eighth album, Stay Gold. She joined him on the road, too, singing harmonies and playing violin,guitar, and banjo during a nationwide tour in 2016. During breaks in her touring schedule, she began diving into a different type of songwriting, looking to diverse albums by Erykah Badu, Da-vid Bowie, Townes Van Zandt, and the Alabama Shakes for inspiration. For years, she'd always been somebody else's bandmate. This was a time to explore her own identity. To write her own music. To ignore genres and defy expectations. To determine what, exactly, she wanted to say. . .and find out the best way to deliver it. Once Butch acquiesced to producing the record, I had an'oh shit! moment where I realized that I needed to really show up, continued Santo. I hadto have songs that were finished, let alone good enough. I couldnt stop and I wrote all day every day to finish the songs Id started years ago as well as the few that presented themselves in the 4th quarter. I took long walks inmy neighborhood and listened to demos onmy cell phone and worked out lyrics. I would also wake upin the middle of the night with new ideas and would get up and write them down orrec-ord them. It felt like the songs were seeping through the cracks ofmy mind and out ofmymouth, without much ofmy consent. I think art is a channel, connected to something much greater than we are and I feel honored when it picks me from time to time." Ruby Red isan album about love, life, and lust in the modern world. Moody and melody-driven, its 11 songs range from "Handshake" the record's epic opening track, equal parts Southerngothic anthem and slow-burning soul ballad to the driving "Ghost inmy Bed," which pairs anexplosive chorus with layers of mandolin, fiddle, and piano. Meanwhile, tracks like "Better Than That" focus on little more than Santo's voice: an electrifying, elastic instrument that's capable ofboth vulnerability and ferocity. Santo and Walker recorded Ruby Red quickly, pulling long hours in Walker's bright, sunlit studio in Southern California. The instrumental tracks were captured live, with help from guests like pedal steel player Dr. Stephen Patt Santo's primary care physician, as well as a former member of the Edgar Winter Group and drummer Mark Stepro. Santo kept the guest list small, though, splitting the bulk of the instrumental duties with Walker.

"It was incredible to work with Butch. He facilitates a great time and an artistic environment that orbits solely around whats best for the song, which isso rare in a business full of egos. Butch and this environment liberated and enabled meto work in a way that I never knew I was capa-ble of." Although Ruby Red marks the start of something new, it doesn't signify the end of Santo's long run with HONEYHONEY. Santo will join bandmate Ben Jaffe in the television series The Guest Book, whose episodes feature the two musicians in acting and musical roles. The show premi-eres on TBS during the latter half of 2017, adding another bullet point to the acting career Santo launched years before HONEYHONEY's formation. Santo's story is still unfolding. This is the newest chapter, bringing with it a track list that doubles down on the songwriter's strengths and stretches her limits. There willbe more chapters to ex-plore. More colorful stories to tell. But for now, Suzanne Santo's future is looking Ruby Red. "This record isso fucking sexy, I can't deal, said Walker. Proud to have been in the room when these songs were going down. Put iton and turn out the lights."



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