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After moving to Ireland at a very young age and living there for around 12 years, the band ROMES decided to continue making music together after graduating high school and moved to their new home, Toronto. Since then, they've been rehearsing and honing in on their sound, which can be described as alternative pop.

This Friday the band will release their debut album ROMES, which is filled with beats, synths, vocals manipulations, and infectious, feel-good anthems. When the band stopped by our studio, they stripped their music down to the bones, with nothing but two guitars and a cajon for their songs "Tryna Be," "Summer Sound," and "In The Wild." "It's a song about what I was going through at the time - loneliness, let's say," singer Jacob Alexander said of their single "Tryna Be." Then the rest of the band chimed in, "we're all collectively lonely. He wrote it on behalf of all of us."

"There's a lot of production that went into those songs, so it's really nice to be able to just strip them way back and show the raw sensibilities of the song," Alexander said in regards to the session. Even if you're unfamiliar with the studio versions, the catchiness of each song makes it so easy to imagine the fully-produced versions. The band does an excellent job of stripping things back though, with little flourishes added on guitar and the simple vocals. "It's cool to be able to add a little flare to these versions. Instead of it just being as bare as possible make it flare instead of bare," the band added. Well, that's exactly what they did.

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Tucked away in Kensington Market, Downtown Torontos most culturally diverse neighborhood, ROMES converted the basement of their semi-detached red-brick into their full time rehearsal space. For the past year, the band relentlessly spent their waking hours there, exploring their eclectic tastes in music and ultimately writing the tracks for their debut EP "Believe".

ROMES have harnessed their pop sensibilities into an alternative sound that is completely their own. With soulful melodies and bright, funky guitar riffs playing off gritty synths, the tracks are instant, high-energy, anthemic ear candy. These larger-than-life tunes, backboned by thumping, hip-hop rhythms and disco-inspired bass-lines, put a modern twist on the groups early musical inspirations.



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