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"This is our first time playing these songs acoustically," indie-pop artist Riah said a little nervously, licking her lips as she sits down to begin the opening lines of her debut single "Wildlife". But her confident, smooth-as-silk vocals belie any of those nerves as she croons, "where are you going? Where have you been?" on the opening verse to the first single she ever dropped. Visiting our studios several weeks back, this up-and-coming indie pop artist is known for her lush vocals, sleek production and poppin' hooks.

Riah played four songs for us, including "Wildlife", "Nice", and "Prom", which have all been released in the last couple of years, and each one contained its own brand of parsed-down pop goodness. "I never got to go to prom because I was home-schooled," she told Baeble, laughing, citing the reason for wanting to make a song that encapsulates a memory she doesn't have. What resulted was a bright, complex pop ballad with a hook that croons "don't wanna call but I'm thinkin' bout you". The song paints a picture not of an idealistic prom night with pink icing and seven minutes in heaven, but rather a lost love, a woman stuck in the past, trying to move forward across icy beats and even colder, strung-out synths. The music video takes place in an abandoned high school.

She even details for us what it was like growing up home-schooled with a dad who exclusively played her newer experimental pop artists. "I love Bjrk," she gushes, and the influence is clear. While Riah only has five total songs out to stream online right now, her fan base is growing fast with her fantastic collaboration with BRKLYN on "Can't Get Enough" and featured songs on television shows like Grey's Anatomy. With an infectious smile and bursting sound, this is one session you won't want to miss.

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After releasing her first two singles, Wildlife and Nightmare in 2016, Riah quickly found tastemakers taking notice. A collaboration with BRKLYN, Cant Get Enough, found its way onto Spotifys New Music Friday playlist, with Wildlife featured on both the Indie Pop and New Music Friday UK list. With the 2017 release of the single, Nice, Riah has racked up over four million Spotify streams thus far. In addition, her years of songwriting have landed placements on TV shows such as GREYS ANATOMY.

After years of cultivating her sound and becoming a powerful live performer, Riah is ready to bring her unique and unforgettable vocals to the indie pop realm with the release of her fourth single and accompanying music video, PROM, on Friday, February 9th. That same night, she will take the stage at LAs Peppermint Club.

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