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With just an acoustic guitar and his voice, Nick Mulvey brought something completely different to the table when he visited the Baeble Studio for a NEXT Session. After diving right into the first song "Mountain To Move," Mulvey created a worldly sound with percussive African influences. It makes sense given his history, as the English singer-songwriter studied ethnomusicology at the School of Oriental and African Studies before leaping into a solo music career. "There's a lot of influences in what I do and I've always had this really broad appetite for music But as a teenager, I just got crazy into African guitarists. What I love about those African guitar players is not something I can always explain, you know, it just feels really good," Mulvey told us when he visited the studio.

Mulvey played two other songs, "Unconditional" and "Cucurucu." The former, he explained, is about "the trials of being in love." It's a rhythmic take on the typical love story, with a romantic, hypnotic feel so palpable, it will make you think you're in love, even if you're not. Both "Mountain To Move" and "Unconditional" are from Mulvey's newest album Wake Up Now (released earlier this year). The album was written over the course of 18 months when the singer left London, moved to the countryside, and experienced the birth of his first child with his wife. "I hope people who enjoyed my first record will hear that Wake Up Now is a natural extension of my music. It was a real journey - from the writing to the recording - it was all about the ways in which I can let go of controlling it. And that really allowed me to push to new places."

In the session, Mulvey's performance sounds like a culmination of all of his influences - African music, the countryside, and the joy of the birth of his first child. Get ready to experience it for yourself with our latest NEXT Session.

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Nick Mulvey (born 4 November 1984) is an English musician, singer and songwriter who studied music in Havana, Cuba. He played the Hang as a founder member of 2008 Mercury Prize nominated band Portico Quartet, until 2011 when he left to pursue his career as a singer-songwriter releasing the EPs The Trellis (2012) and Fever to the Form (2013) and his studio album First Mind in 2014 which received a Mercury Music Prize nomination. His second album, Wake Up Now, will be released on the 8th September 2017

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