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Former viral songstress Nataly Dawn recently came by Baeble HQ for a delicate, acoustic session. Having consumed a steady diet of her frenetic Pomplamoose heroics via YouTube over the years, we weren't sure what to expect from a solo-ish effort. We were, however, well aware of her most recent songwriting chops via her debut album, How I Knew Her.

In session, Nataly performed songs of a quiet beauty, forcing our ever-anxious Producer to keep the heavy-footed production crew and a handful of guests at bay so as to prevent from interrupting the delicate execution of Nataly's songs. Even Ryan Lerman's banjo behaved in a dainty yet thoughtful manner. It was a quiet yet thrilling encounter with Nataly in our basement studios, that's finally fit for the public's ravenous consumption. Have at it!


Fine dust falls from steel pipelines
Like ashes from a Pharaoh's tomb
Shaking off bad luck of babies' dreams
That never left the womb
Many things are wired
To avoid short circuits
But not us, for we are
Far too human, too human
Leslie rides on Ferris wheels
Way up in the umbrella clouds
She is not afraid of falling
Out of favor with the crowds
Lord oh Lord please bless her soul
And bless her mother
Shine your face on us
For we are human, too human
Do your best little girl and have a little fun
Cause life wears you down and takes you for a run
Do your best little girl and have a little fun
Cause life wears you down and takes you for a run
Run run little girl, run run little girl
Run run little girl, little girl run run
Run run little girl, run run little girl
Run run little girl, little girl run run
Run, run, oh, oh
Leslie rides on Ferris wheels
Way up in the umbrella clouds
Oh, oh, oh, oh
- Your question was about Pomplamoose.
So, in the beginning there were our solo projects.
And then we decided after a couple of years of dating that we would try collaborating together and so we did Pomplamoose.
And Pomplamoose took off which was great.
And then, when Pomplamoose was getting really big, it started to not only overshadow our solo careers, but also just kind of take over our lives in a rather unpleasant way.
Because it had been something that we really enjoyed doing for fun and suddenly it was becoming all business.
And so we decided that in order to preserve our relationship and the band that we would take a couple steps back from it.
And so we both started working on our solo projects more intensely.
And so for the last two years we've been doing pretty much primarily that and it's been goin' great for both of us.
And now we're back to a point where we can imagine being happier reinvesting in Pomplamoose again.
So I think it was the right thing to do.
- This song is called "I Just Wanted You to Get Old.
" I just wanted you to get old
Like the army green Volvo and the toys we
Like the books that you read me and the
jokes you told
I just wanted you to get old
I just wanted you to get old
Like vacations in Tahoe and your skiing
The ones I held onto tightly till you
said let go
Oh I just wanted you to get old
And I'm sorry that I never get around
To picking up the phone or staying home
I swear to God that I must be the worst person I've found
Tell me would it be too late to appreciate you
I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry
Cause I still want you to get old
Please forgive me I know it doesn't
always show
But I'll try to be better if you don't
let go
Oh I just want you to get old
- One of the most challenging songs was actually the one that I played, "I Just Wanted You to Get Old.
" I think that was one of the songs where I just ended up sitting in front of my computer for hours and hours at a time and just looking at a blank page and trying to figure out how exactly I wanted to approach the topic of death and losing someone and feeling like you took someone for granted.
The lyrics were really what took up the most of my time because melodies and chords tend to come pretty easily to me but actually figuring out what you want to say is quite difficult.
I've repeatedly underestimated the fan base that we have on YouTube.
I didn't think that it would be possible to make a living solely through MP3 sales and YouTube made that possible.
I didn't think that it would be possible to sell out 400 to 600 person venues on our very first tour and that happened.
You know, I didn't think that I'd be able to raise $80,000 for my album and I raised over $100,000 for it.
So really, that fan base has repeatedly proven that they are not just in it for, you know, the one-hit wonder, the "Single Ladies" cover, the "September" cover, the Michael Jackson cover.
They're not in it for that.
They're in it for the long haul, which is really encouraging.
Welcome to Movie Talk with Nataly Dawn.
What's your favorite film? This song is called "Please Don't Scream.
" Did you--
- Nope, wrong words.
All right.
Can we do that again or do you need to clap? No, still rolling-- - We're good? Still rolling? Okay.
Because everything before that, all the stuff before that, that was gold.
- Yeah.
This song is called "Please Don't Scream.
" I remember quite well
The first time I took you home
We were so young
I didn't think much of you
Sure you were cute and full of tricks
And a whole lot brighter than a guinea
But I didn't think much of you back then
And I think you loved me first
Cause it sure took me a while
To figure out
That you were kinda special
But now you're old and full of ticks
And you yell at everybody just for kicks
And I wish that you would just shut up
Why do you scream at me
Why do you scream
I don't know why you have to do that
Cause things don't seem
All that bad to me
Oh I'm beggin' you please
Baby please don't scream
Do you remember that old cat
Who beat you up so bad
That you wouldn't make it
I almost couldn't take it
But now you're mean and paranoid
There's not a piece of this house that
you haven't destroyed
And I wish that you would just shut up.
Why do you scream at me
Why do you scream
I don't know why you have to do that
Cause things don't seem
All that bad to me
Oh I'm beggin' you please
Baby please don't scream
Oh, oh, ah, ah
Oh I'm beggin' you please
Baby please don't scream
You know I've loved a lot of men
And moved far away from them
And I hate to say it
But you're my oldest friend
And I'm glad you're around
Cause you still know how to make my
favorite sound
But then I wish that you would just shut
Why do you scream at me
Why do you scream
I don't know why you have to do that
Cause things don't seem
All that bad to me
Oh I'm beggin' you please
Baby please don't scream
it's funny, I wasn't planning on being a musician.
It didn't seem like a responsible thing to do.
My parents were not the type of parents who can just support you for the rest of your life, so I figured it's important for me to be able to make a living.
And I didn't think that would be possible by being a musician, because it usually isn't possible but it actually was possible, which was wonderful.
There's gonna be a lot of touring going on this year.
There actually already has been a lot of touring this year.
And also because of being on the road so much and the frequent misery that goes along with that I've been writing a lot, too.
It's funny, this shows that I'm used to being on the road, I grew up on the road, my parents were missionaries so we traveled a lot.
The shows are really great but they're often sandwiched in between less fun stuff and in those less fun periods I find myself writing a whole bunch.
So I'm looking forward to not just touring but also writing more, releasing more, and hopefully even doing something with Pomplamoose.
This is Nataly Dawn, and you are watching Baeblemusic.

Artist Bio

Nataly Dawn will play SXSW before embarking on a spring headline tour across the U.S. beginning March 18 at The Walnut Room in Denver. The label debut How I Knew Her by the California-based singer/songwriterknown as half of the duo Pomplamoose, whose songs have had nearly 87,000,000 million views on YouTubewas just released by Nonesuch Records. Please see full list of tour dates below.

Mojo, Independent on Sunday, and The Daily Telegraph in the UK give the album four stars while BBC Music says "How I Knew Her is less an album to yield all its myriad charms instantly, more one to slow-drip its way to adoration. Dawn has the intelligence to sway the cognoscenti, the wide-eyed charm to seduce the masses, and an otherworldliness that ensures that, for all those she embraces, nobody sounds quite like her." The Chicago Tribune says, "How I Knew Her is a collection of self-penned, introspective, semi-autobiographical songs, sung in a voice that is strong yet intimate, alternately confessional and conversational."

How I Knew Her was produced by her longtime partner Jack Conte and recorded with a group of accomplished musicians at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CAwhere many of her favorite Tom Waits albums were made. It was recorded in one room with a full band that included Ryan Lerman (Ben Folds, A Fine Frenzy) on electric guitar, mandolin, banjo, and acoustic guitar; David Piltch (k.d. lang, Bill Frisell, Bonnie Raitt) on upright bass; Louis Cole (Louis and Genevieve, Pomplamoose); and Matt Chamberlain (Brad Mehldau, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Jon Brion) on drums. Oz Fritz engineered the album with Conte; the album was then mixed by Mike Mogis and mastered by Bob Ludwig.

The How I Knew Her sessions were filmed and will periodically be released as companion videos with tracks already viewable on Dawns YouTube channel, which has 106,903 subscribers. (Pomplamooses YouTube channel has 356,810 subscribers.) Before coming to Nonesuch, Dawn raised more than $100,000 via Kickstarter to make How I Knew Her.

The daughter of missionaries, Dawn spent much of her childhood in Europe, where she attended Lyces Franais in France and Belgium before returning to the U.S. to study art and French literature at Stanford University. It was there that she met Conte and formed Pomplamoose, eventually performing, recording and editing songs and videos entirely on their own in their Northern California home. Their first upload to YouTube was an original collaboration, "Hail Mary," which was featured on the YouTube homepage.

In 2010 the duo began releasing creative covers of pop songs such as Beyoncs "Single Ladies" and Lady Gagas "Telephone" which grew their fanbase even further. Pomplamoose played 20 live dates in 2011 to sold-out audiences across the U.S.

In 2010 Pomplamoose released its first compilation of original songs with lyrics by Dawn entitled Pomplamoose VideoSongs, as well as an album of covers titled Tribute to Famous People. That same year, the duo also released The Holiday EP, in conjunction with Amazon.com, as an incentive for a charity book drive, raising more than $130,000 in books for the Richmond, CA school system. Pomplamooses music can also be heard in a series of national television spots for Hyundai and Toyota. Nataly Dawns previous solo album, 2009s Her Earlier Stuff, was a compilation of 12 songs that she had put up on YouTube over the course of the previous two years.



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