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Max Frost recently stopped by Baeble HQ to make a little magic on the mic, the guitar, the piano, the drums, and the drum pad. Oh, and he fixed our broken guitar...so like, what can't he do?

If you haven't played his new single "Good Morning" first thing in the AM, then you are doing mornings all wrong. If this session doesn't convince you of that, then we don't know what will. Max begins his session with that very track, darting around the room as he performed. Yeah, our camera men were hanging on for dear life during the wild performance. Fun fact: it wasn't even a single Max was too comfortable with, originally. But after playing it live, fans quickly assured him that it's a certified banger. Oh, and Michael Fitzpatrick (Fitz, of Fitz and the Tantrums) also gave his approval. Basically, Max is the Karate Kid to Fitz's Mr. Miyagi.

Really, the only thing missing from this irresistible session was a full-scale church choir...maybe next time, Max. Regardless, this one's action-packed. Following "Good Morning," Frost spent a little alone time with the piano and mic, performing "Eleven Days" and then finishing off the session on the guitar with "Die Young," filling the room with his flawlessly smoky and sometimes raspy voice. Check out the session and seriously, start your day with his newest single "Good Morning" (or, you know, this session). You won't regret it.



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