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A few months back, we met with Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony - two songwriters responsible for some of the biggest chart toppers of our times. Kelly and Harmony are the masterminds behind Weirdo Workshop; a record label and creative collective who are (in their own words): "driven to enrich humanity by servicing premium entertainment and well-crafted experiences".

One listen to one of their signees, the Sheepshead Bay raised, powerhouse vocalist Masha, suggests Weirdo Workshop's aims are in no way an exaggeration, which is why we decided to get the whole Weirdo Workshop in the office, starting with this lovely mini-session with Masha.

Fans may recognize the singer from her sultry rendition of "Werewolves of London", used in the recent ad campaign from Three Olives Vodka. Her version on the classic song within the campaign was noticed and praised by Ad Week, the New York Times, Bustle, and more.

Described as having "a country heart, a rock soul, and independent mind, and an untamed voice that can enchant or shock you", Masha proved she's ready for the biggest of moments in session, performing "Catch A Feeling", as well as dishing on her inspirations and intentions for her art. Prepare to be amazed by this Baeble Next Session with the fabulous, Masha.


- I did kind of grow up in a musical home.
My dad plays guitar and piano and sings.
We tend to have... I'm Russian, so we tend to have family parties and all get a little too drunk and go in the basement and start singing weird songs.
While all the other girls
With all their frilly things Wearing their pretty pinks
Dreaming of diamond rings And fancy wedding bells
My heart could only melt For Mr. Presley
I really wanted the Mr.
Presley video to look how it sounded for me.
So I wanted it to be a very dark film noir, old Hollywood story about maybe a housewife or something that's just fed up with her man.
And she just goes around breaking shit, throwing shit, and at the end ends up killing her lover.
I think of all the times and all the stupid boys
with all their hipster clothes making all that noise
They try seducing me but they can never be
a Mr. Presley, Presley
Well, it's obviously a bit of an ode to Elvis, but the song is about just the loss of gentlemen in the world.
It's just a cry out for what in my head I imagine men were like in the '60s and '70s.
Because a gentleman who'd open the car door for you, give you flowers, pay for dinner, stuff like that. They still...they exist.
They still exist.
Don't mix love and liquor
Because all it's gonna do is knock you down
Well, melancholy songs I think are my favorite.
I'm a really moody person.
One of my favorite things to do is to listen to a sad song and just lay in the bathtub with candles on and cry.
So I'm a really moody person, and it's just really fun for me as a singer to be able to express that moody side of my personality.
When I'm on stage I just kind turn off basically, go into autopilot.
I don't know what you would call it.
I'm a freaking moody weird, dark... My mind is a dark place. So I just go in there and try to sing in key.
That's really it.
So tell me why the more I drop
Is the more that I remember
This singing thing, actually I was very serious about it from day one.
When I got 13, I was like, "I'm not gonna go to college.
I don't even care about high school really.
" Towards the end of my senior year, because I just always knew that this is what I was gonna do.
I was writing my own songs probably starting at 13, I would say.
They were terrible.
I'm pretty sure I wrote "Call Me Maybe, " and Carly Rae Jepsen just stole it from me.
I'm pretty sure that was my first song I ever wrote.
I'm just kidding.
It definitely said, "Call me," though.
It's like "Call me baby maybe.
" I don't know.
The reason I say drink up The reason I say take drugs
The reason I say make love is so your mind is open
It's okay to let go It's okay to get stoned
Tell 'em that I said so, and here's why
I want you to catch a feeling over this
You to catch a feeling over this
A feeling over this until you're way up in the sky
A feeling over this A feeling over this
A feeling over this until you're way up in the sky
Because you can never be too high, high, high, high
High, high, high
The reason I say get free the reason I say, just be
Whatever makes you happy is so your mind is open
And fight the fear of being judged Love who the hell you wanna love
Because time's running against us. That's why
I want you to catch a feeling over this
You to catch a feeling over this
A feeling over this until you're way up in the sky
A feeling over this A feeling over this
A feeling over this until you're way up in the sky
Because you can never be too high, high, high, high
Catch a feeling, a feeling
Catch a feeling.
It's the only reason we're alive
Catch a feeling, a feeling.
Catch a feeling
It's the only reason we're alive
Life, life, life life life, life life
Life, it's the only reason we're alive

Artist Bio

Masha has a country heart, a heavy metal soul, and a voice that resembles the hypnotic eye of a fierce hurricane. She began singing at age 11, and just a decade later, her haunting covers of popular radio singles were amassing millions of views on YouTube. Born in Latvia, raised in the New Jersey, residing in Nashville, her list of musical influences is as long as her spirit is deep. This unique perspective, along with the strength and character of Masha's voice, come together to make music that shocks, enchants, and inspires.




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