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Nothing brightens up your day like new music and all around good vibes. That was the case when indie rock band Kitten visited us on a fittingly sunny day in Brooklyn. The New York weather had been nothing but gloomy these days, so the ray of sunshine that Kitten brought with them brought some much needed warmth. I guess it makes sense, since the band was formed in bright and sunshiny Los Angeles by Chloe Chaidez.

If their name sounds familiar, it's probably because they have opened for other bands such as The Neighbourhood, No Doubt, Paramore, and Young the Giant, just to name a few. They have also played a couple of festivals like SXSW, Edgefest, and Summerfest - and how could they not? Their sounds are a perfect match for the festival enviornment.

In our session with the band, they played two unreleased songs as well as their latest single, "I Did It!". It was their first time playing stripped down renditions of their songs but you'd never tell. They also spoke to us about how they met and the possibility of starting a Brooklyn Backstreet Boys project along with a pizzeria musical. Yes, you read that correctly. Their group dynamic will not only keep you engaged, but also have you smiling the entire time. Mark my words, you are going to hear a lot more from Kitten soon.



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