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Our first encounter with the instrumental, NYC-bred acoustic trio City of the Sun occurred randomly a few years back when we stumbled upon the band busking for (quite a bit of) pocket change in Washington Square Park. Turns out John, Avi, and Zach were not your typical street musicians...something that became immediately apparent when we later found ourselves queued with hundreds of other people for a show of theirs' at Rockwood Music Hall. So we took our new found love for the band one step further when we asked the band to kick start festivities at the 2015 edition of our Day Party at SXSW. Their set was mesmerizing.

When we spotted the band trending on Spotify's Viral 50 chart earlier this year we decided it was time to catch up with the trio again, this time inviting the band by our Sunset Park studio space for a chat about what they have been working on lately. The band recently released a beautiful new record titled To The Sun And All The Cities In Between. It's a collection of songs that spin the globe in a way only City of The Sun can, reflecting on the cultures of South America, Spain, North Africa, The Middle East, and more as it cycles through. In session "Dance of the Dead", "Those Days Are Now", and "You and I...and New York" are hypnotic and dramatic, shifting dynamics and textures as the band charges through an impassioned performance. We also got the scoop on how the band came together, where they source their ideas from, and the brilliant process the band used to record To The Sun And All The Cities In Between. Cut with the band's dreamy performance, our newest NEXT session is a fascinating look at one band's creative process and the songs that it has spawned.



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City of the Sun

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