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Nowhere else does a band feel more like a living, breathing entity than with Circa Survive. A sum of several powerfully unique and creative parts, the band visited the Baeble office hot on the heels of the release of their sixth album The Amulet. After performances of new songs like "Lustration," "Flesh and Bone," and the album's title track, some of the band members sat down to discuss the new record, how the recording process has changed over the years, and how their personal lives intersect with the band.

Together for an impressive 13 years strong, the members of Circa Survive have lived a large part of their lives together in this band. In the video they discuss revisiting their first two albums, Juturna" and "On Letting Go", while on tour earlier this year, and how the process of recording Descensus and their newest album, The Amulet, felt different from past recordings. The band has seen birth, divorce, and addiction, amongst life's many experiences, over the years, and as these experiences have shaped each individual band member, they have shaped the band as a whole. In The Amulet, singer Anthony Green says, "the band finds acceptance of themselves as musicians and individuals."

Known for their dynamic and intimate performances and recordings, Circa Survive did not disappoint when it came to their new record and live session. Most tellingly, guitarist Colin Frangicetto said it was one of the first times he was able to sit down and love and appreciate something he's recorded.

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Circa Survive is an American rock band from the Philadelphia suburb of Doylestown, formed in 2004. The band, led by Anthony Green, consists of former members from Saosin, This Day Forward, and Taken.

Circa Survive quickly made a name for themselves in the indie music scene in little over two years with their 2005 debut album, Juturna, and second album, On Letting Go, released in 2007. Both albums were released on Equal Vision Records. Their third album, Blue Sky Noise, was released via Atlantic Records in 2010, to critical acclaim. After parting ways with Atlantic Records, the band's fourth album, Violent Waves, was released independently in 2012. Their fifth album, Descensus, was released by Sumerian Records in 2014.

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