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With a hit single and 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the Echosmith siblings are living the dream. Maybe that's why their newest EP is called Inside a Dream, or maybe it has to do with their dreamy, synth-y sound. Either way, we were grateful when they stopped in to share some of the magic.

They started with their track "Get Into My Car," before moving on to their newest track, "Over My Head," and finishing with (of course), "Cool Kids," the song that made their name.

As proud as they rightfully are of their previous work, the band seems eager to move forward and show us another side of themselves. As frontwoman Sydney mentions, it's been around 5 years since Echosmith's first album, and they've gotten to "live a little life" in this time.

They've built an album around their new experiences, something that they think will really speak to their fans in a new way. "All our new songs feel so much more personal this time around." Sydney said, "Which makes it even more exciting to share them."

And we're excited to hear them. So keep your eye out for their new LP, dropping soon (but not soon enough).

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In 2013, siblings from Southern California, brought a lifelong dream to fruition with the release of their debut album Talking Dreams. Soon after earning a prestigious RIAA gold certification, Sydney, Noah, and Graham Sierota began working on their new EP, Inside a Dream EP [Warner Bros. Records], exemplifying their growth as people and musicians.

We describe our new music as dreamy pop, explains frontwoman Sydney. These songs explore different aspects of love, adventure, and heartache. On our first record, we were simply dreaming of the future, and were inside of that dream now. By utilizing vintage synths, keys, and drum machines, Inside A Dream is awash in shimmering synths, airy guitars, and heavenly vocals.

From the arena-size drums of Future Me to the island style keys of Goodbye, each song clings to their message of spreading hope and love through music to the whole world. Inside A Dream has the power to motivate millions to follow their own dreams as ECHOSMITH did.

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