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Cults provides compelling, timeless indie rock music. Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin created the band after meeting each other at her brother's rock show in San Diego. A low-key project soon turned into something much bigger. They garnered attention after posting their three-song EP, Cults 7" on their BandCamp page, which was made up of the songs "Go Outside," "Most Wanted," and "The Curse." They were subsequently signed and have released three studio albums since 2011; Cults, Static, and earlier this month, Offering.

The most recent album, Offering, features the singles "I Took Your Picture" and "Right Words." Their colorful sound evokes a cool nostalgia yet bright modernity. Their lyrics are simplistic yet dynamic, complete with dreamy melodies and instrumentals. They are busy on their current tour, hitting numerous cities across the country. So, we were thrilled they could stop by at Baeble HQ and perform for us.

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Cults' twinkling experimental pop arrived in a shroud of mystery early in 2010, when the group posted three songs on its Bandcamp page. One of those songs was "Go Outside," which mixed dream pop haze with girl group harmonies (and, fittingly, samples of Jonestown leader Jim Jones) and earned the band acclaim from publications including Pitchfork and NME. Eventually, Cults' core duo was revealed as guitarist Brian Oblivion and vocalist Madeline Follin, who were also a couple. Later in 2010, Cults released Go Outside as a single on Forest Family Records and performed shows with bands including Best Coast. Early in 2011, the group made its U.K. debut and signed to Columbia Records; Cults' self-titled album, which featured production by Shane Stoneback, arrived in the middle of that year.

Their sunny pop tunes were well received by critics and fans alike and they went on to tour heavily across America and Europe. The duo ended their relationship in the wake of their debut, yet continued to progress with the band. Together they wrote material during 2012 for their second album, which focused on their split and the pressures of growing up. The result was their sophomore record, Static, which arrived in October 2013.




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