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When Brynn Elliott mentions that she went to Harvard, it doesnt register as a surprise. As she shifts around on her stool, musing about the relationship between philosophy and pop music and about finding her feminist strength with the help of 15th century female philosophers, she oozes intelligence and thoughtfulness.

This isnt to say that her music is in any way pretentious. She creates anthems that are universal, at once personal and relatable. Her lyrics are straightforward and her meaning is always clear. Opening up into the chorus of her first song, Might Not Like Me, she sings Well if you dont like girls that are stronger than you than you might not like me. Not a lot of room for misinterpretation.

She moves on to reflect on social media and internet presence. Can I run away with the internet you? she croons in her song Internet You. She finishes with her airy and elated song Time of Our Lives. Each song offers a glimpse into a different phase in her life. Listening to her set, its almost like youve sneaked a look into her diary.

Well, I have to say, that would be the most eloquent, poetic, and enchanting diary ever written.

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At age 14, Brynn Elliott was determined shed become the first member of her family to apply to college. And not just any college: Harvard. She buried herself in schoolwork and extracurriculars, building up resume for an application, and in the midst of it all Brynn began to teach herself guitar chords using YouTube videos.

Brynns initial application to Harvard was not accepted, but she refused to give up. She reapplied a year later, this time submitting her music with the application, and was accepted.

In the past few years, Brynn has gone from writing songs on the bathroom floor to playing over 200 shows and signing with Atlantic Records. The musician, who first discovered songwriting as a teenager when she came across her dads old guitar in the basement, recently graduated from Harvard University with a mission to share her experiences and philosophical studies through the lens of pop music.

Her debut EP, Time of Our Lives, was inspired by Brynns time at Harvard studying Philosophy and the relationships she fostered in school. The classes she took for her philosophy degree weave their way through the five tracks, each inspired by a different philosopher or set of ideas.

Brynn's music, is about embracing who you are and feeling inspired to act. Brynn says. "Philosophy and music are two sides of the same coin for me. Pop music looks for what is universal in the world, providing that place for people to come and relate about the things we all feel, which is what philosophy does as well. My passion for those ideas isnt going to go away after college they might just look and sound different."



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