Zeke Finn

Artist bio

In the budding creative community of Crown Heights, Zeke Finn is hard at work. Recorded over the summer in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, his new self-titled EP comes on the heels of a massively productive year. Sold out shows at the Bowery Electric, Highline Ballroom and Le Poisson Rouge focused Zekes creative talents into a prolific output.

Raised in Ithaca, New York to a beat artist parents, Zeke Finn grew up surrounded by open spaces and music. We would go to Grassroots festival every summer since I was, like, 5. All these hippie parties and jams. That was my music. The free rollicking jangle of those jams intersected Hip-Hop when Zeke discovered beatboxing in high school. Then I was off. Started listening to Tupac, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and I started writing raps.

With the help of a high school english teacher, Joel Blizzard, his playful interest turned into a serious hobby. Joel encouraged me. I came to class with a page full of raps and showed them to him. He had a small reggae/afrofunk band and he asked me to come perform with his band. I told him I dont rap, but he pointed to the page and said, 'thats a rap right there. Visits to his studio led to opening slots for his band, a position that Zeke felt comfortable in immediately.

I was always on stages as a kid. Acting and dancing in school since I was little; danced ballet, musicals, that sort of thing. My parents and I would also do a traveling circus across the US when I was much younger. Really miss that to be honest, he says with a laugh. On his newest EP, Zeke brings all his wanderlust, stage presence and charisma into full bloom.

Like so many students, Zeke felt lost after graduating High School. 2 years in Israel and another traversing the US linked him with Chaim, an ever present collaborator who helped him explore deeper sonic territory.

Backed by blistering production and bright sounds, his newest release is a mix of deep introspective songs focused on place and identity. Engineering helmed by Stu Brooks (50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Dub Trio) Zeke Finn is a sprawling listen, immersed in Zekes fascination with hip-hop, pop, ambient, reggae, and jam.

In 2008 Zeke linked up with reggae/rap star Matisyahu. A friend of mine liked my music and sent Matis some unedited demos. I ended up rapping with him at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn.
The two stayed in touch, and in early 2016 they collaborated on Finns newest single Plight. With a new video on the way and more captivating music in store, Zeke Finn is a new artist starting a movement; dont blink.