Your 33 Black Angels

Artist bio

Your 33 Black Angels is a rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The band consists of Josh Westfal (guitar, vocals), Dan Rosato (guitar, vocals), Adam Gerard, (guitar), Steve "Sunshine" Stapleton (bass guitar), John O'Callaghan (drums), Benji Kast (mouth harp, guitar, words), Jon Reeve (keys, squeezebox), Grant "Wanderson" Wanderson, and others. The band has produced four records to date, and will be releasing its fifth in early 2012. It also tours extensively throughout North America and Europe. Click here to listen to the band's latest album, "Moon and Morning Star" 33s and CDs of "Lonely Street," "Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life," "Pagan Princess" and "Songs from the Near Bleak Future" are available direct on the albums page, or via iTunes.