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In the midst of coming off of their successful debut EP, Red Wine and Clarity, Canadian indie rock artists, The Years, have emerged from their small town beginnings into an internationally known group. Pushing every boundary, and invoking emotions in the indie genre in attempts to change the sound of indie rock, is what this group lives for.

Originating from St. Catharines, Ontario Canada, and deriving from multiple backgrounds of music to produce a tailored sound of indie rock that has not yet been heard before, The Years are comprised of lead singer Kevin Hodgkins, guitarist Adam Trasatti, drummer Jeremy Randell, Bassist Brad Neufeld and keyboardist Adrian Petrachenko. Set to embark on their debut full-length record, the band conceptualizes new soundscapes, invigorating rhythms and cinematic themes that will leave the listeners demanding more.

The project started out of the ashes of previous music endeavors between Kevin Hodgkins and Jeremy Randell, and in the summer of 2011, The Years were born.

From the beginning, the band was set on independently creating their debut EP by recording, mixing and mastering the project themselves. They decided to lock themselves in their small Welland, Ontario studio for the next six months to try and create something unique. The Years would later ?nd that easier said than done.

We needed to ?nd the truth in the songs we were recording - and we ultimately found it but not without moments of struggle or self doubt. Once we got through those low moments, it was the most empowering experience to hear these songs be born into the airwaves, says Kevin Hodgkins.

Over the course of six months the band recorded and re-recorded the EP three times, causing them to wonder if the project was set to fail. After the second time of recording the EP, I remember spending many nights questioning the future of The Years, says Jeremy Randell.

However, they kept their vision alive and persevered, and after the third recording everything finally came together, and the band new that they had nailed it.

The initial growing pains are all behind them now, and with the very warm reception of Red Wine And Clarity, The Years are set to bring something even bigger to the table with their full-length Debut Album - and 2013 will prove to be the year this band becomes a household name.

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