Willa Amai

Artist bio

Willa Amai is a singer/songwriter born in Los Angeles, California. - Just kidding Im writing this in first person. At age 9 I started songwriting when my favorite teacher got me into poetry. I had the crazy idea to put my poetry to music and my first song was born. I met Linda Perry in December of 2016, played her 1/3 of an original song and the rest, as they say, is history. She gives me advice on not only my songs, but on how to live my life (even when I dont ask for it).

Recording with her has truly changed my music - Linda has this drive that none of us can top, and her excitement and passion has pushed my music to the next level. I write about breakups Ive never really had, and from the depths of emotions Ive never really felt. Basically, the bulk of my music is an amplified version of my own experiences. I get a lot of my melodies from my color synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that connects letters, numbers, and sounds to color. I may be young, but that doesnt mean Im not deep or emotional. Everyone has a voice, even the teens and kids of this world

I'm not sure where Im going, but if anything Im aimlessly shooting for the stars!