Artist bio

The Wideboys consist of the dynamic duo Eddie Craig & Jim Sullivan.

With a wealth of musical knowledge built up from years of late night studio experiments and synth tweaking the Wide ones have been gearing up for the next chapter of their musical mission.

The Wideboys believe pigeon holes are for pigeons and have written tracks in almost every genre of dance music from house, garage, bassline, electro, 44, 2 step, rock, hardcore, hiphop, r & b, acoustic, drum & bass, ambient, breaks and have written between them hundreds of tracks and remixes under various guises.

The Wideboys reached the Top5 Charts and UK double platinum status with their original track and album entitled Thinking it Over for Liberty Xs which sold over 1,000,000 copies. The boys have performed on Big Brothers Big Mouth, Top of the Pops, the Nokia Green Room, and have appeared on countless other shows including the Big Breakfast, T4, Liquid News, MTV, Nickelodeon, Pop world etc with their club smashes In the VIP, Sambuca, Daddy-O, Snowflake. They have also featured on multiple No.1 UK and US chart hits with their remixing prowess consistently over the last 15 years.

The boys are always proactive in the music industry and freelance A&R for various top labels. In 2008 the boys played a part in the signing of the massive No.2 National Chart anthem Whats It Gonna Be by HtwoO and Platinum and received a prestigious sales award.

The Wideboys have performed all over the world and have appear on National radio stations BBC Radio 1/ Kiss / BBC 1xtra. They have held international residencies at venues Eden & ES Paradis in Ibiza .They have played most major clubs in the UK and regularly play at festivals and clubs around the world. Highlights include the Zurich Street Parade Switzerland to 1,000,000 people plus and the Stopplemarkt festival Germany 750,000 people.

Source: Artist Site