Warm Ghost

Artist bio

Paul Duncan is currently recording and performing under the moniker Warm Ghost. It finds him taking a step beyond traditional instrumentation and one toward that of electronics, synthesizers, drum machines and processed field recordings. Warm Ghost has now evolved into a band in collaboration with Oliver Chapoy, where the sound is an intricately arranged shimmering sonic world of twisting words and melodies inside dense environments where there are elements of 80s new wave, cold wave and synth pop from Solid Space to OMD to Depeche Mode, late 70s disco, synth programming sharing ground with Autechre and AFX, and experimental textures_ reminiscent of Fennesz. The payoff is beautifully executed, lush pop songs that beg for repeat listening.

Paul has also collaborated with numerous other artists including Oren Ambarchi (SunnO))), Type Records), Joe Stickney (Bear in Heaven), Chris Bear (Grizzly Bear), RobertoLange (Helado Negro), Fred Lonberg-Holm ( Jim ORourke, Boxhead Ensemble), David Daniell (Rhys Chathams Essentialist, San Agustin) and Doug McCombs (Tortoise, Brokeback) among others.

Warm Ghost released their debut EP, Claws Overhead, on the label Geographic North on May 11th, 2010. Now, with Partisan Records, Warm Ghost have released their Uncut Diamond EP featuring three remastered tracks from their debut EP and three new tracks on a vinyl and digital only release.

Warm Ghost will be releasing their highly anticipated full length this Fall. Details to be announced very soon......