Artist bio

Los Angeles five-piece Wand will release Plum, their fourth album since forming in 2013, but their first new album in two years, on September 22nd via Drag City. After a whirlwind initial phase of writing, recording, and touring at a frenetic pace, Plum marks a period of relative patience: a refocusing and a push toward a new democratization of both process and musical surface. And theres no better example of this than via new single, Blue Cloud, one of two songs on Plum over seven-minutes long. Blue Cloud is a perfect summation of what Wand do best, offering a variety of moods that manage to sound both instinctive and considered. This is psychedelia in the truest sense of the meaning - coltish, dark invigorating, and endlessly curious (UNCUT).

Recorded during a time of romantic, familial and political heartbreak for everyone involved, a sense of triumph and resoluteness pervades Plum. As the bands most deliberate statement to date, its at times wildly multichromatic reflecting the ravenous musical omnivorousness of the five people -- Cory Hanson(guitar, vocals), Lee Landey (bass) and Evan Burrows (drums), Robbie Cody (guitar) and Sofia Arreguin(keyboards, vocals) -- who wrote and performed it.