Vision The Kid

Artist bio

THE LAST TWO YEARS have been transformative for Vision the Kid. After his band broke up, Vision was left without a musical brother-in-arms for the first time in a decade. To fill the sudden void, Vision turned, as he always had, to the music he loved. Only this time he cut it up, looped it and rapped over it. The result was the eclectic, punk-rock brisk The Incredible Introduction, a 14-track, 22-
minute ride through the MCs imagination, as well as his record collection.

The Incredible Introduction put Vision's lyrics at the forefront, displaying his playfulness (flow like a miracle/ Honey Nut Cheerio/ there he go again, talking 'bout his favorite cereal), his midwest upbringing (Minnesota reality/ feel so cold I'm thinking the winds mad at me), and his tendency to tell the truth, at times to a fault (spent my 16th birthday visiting rehab/ can't tell me, that didn't make me mad); all set to straight-up 4 and 8-bar loops from songs by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Four Tet, The Avalanches, Shuggie Otis, The Beatles, Van Morrison and more. As Noam the Dummer said, It's poppy, in a good way.

Eventually, The Incredible Introduction caught the ears of local video production team Six-Ton (videos for M.anifest, St. Paul Slim, Mujah Messiah). Teaming up with Vision, they made a video for the Rilo Kiley-sampled I Paint Pictures. Meanwhile, Six-Ton introduced Vision to producer and songwriter Ryan Tru
Truax. The two hit it off from the start. Soon Vision was making cameos on the keys and Tru was pushing the MC in the recording booth. It was a thorough collaboration that saw the duo creating enough work to release an Ep in June 2011, You Aint Gettin Laid Dressed Like That, and an Lp, Lost Summer, in November.

In late 2011, the musical duo teamed with a financier, art department and street team to form Be Easy Music. They continue to network with local artists, promoters and media outlets
to not only expand their unique sound but to cross-promote quality music throughout Minneapolis, with their sites on a regional presence in the coming years.

Vision the Kids Lost Summer is the sound of an artist coming into his own voice, both physically (Vision took voice lessons, finally) and artistically. With a dedicated team of artists and collaborators in tow, Lost Summer looks to place Vision the Kid firmly on the map with the ever wider, and ever wiser, Minneapolis hip-hop scene. Midwest, world, to follow.