Vision NDNS

Artist bio

Brooklyn-based MC and Producer Vision N.D.N.S. is redefining the modern landscape of Hip-Hop music as a soulful lyricist with a profound insight into the human condition. At the core of Vision's sound is a raw social commentary supported by intensely poetic prose, and flashes of vintage Hip-Hop, Soul, Blues, and Jazz beats.

Vision's hometown of Mahopac, New York, a northern suburb of New York City, proved to be a breeding ground of musical inspiration for the young artist. It was there that he picked up the pen to document the world that was exploding around him. Rebellious youth, stratified social classes, and a burgeoning Hip-Hop culture defined Vision's childhood and moved the young poet to express himself musically.

In 2009, Vision released "LoveChild", his first independently produced and distributed solo album. "LoveChild" is a rare piece of modern soul, explosive in its groove-laden sound and deeply sincere lyrical content. It was with this release, that Vision focused his commitment to his craft. His desire to challenge himself emotionally with every lyric he writes, every piece of music he creates and every verse he delivers, is clear.

"LoveChild" catapulted Vision into the world of underground Hip-Hop, providing him with the opportunity to work with artists like Styles P of The Lox, Gold-selling artist 9th Prince from the Wu Tang Family, Killah Priest of Sunz of Man, French Grammy Award winner and Wu Tang Family affiliate Timbo King, AKIR of Viper Records, and many others.

Vision is also a founding member of the artists' collective Rank 1, a futurist group of Brooklyn based poets, visual artists and musicians that promote social consciousness and the arts through artistic collaboration and talent showcases.

Vision produces music for a slew of artists that span musical genres, constantly expanding his range of work and musical style. With an endless range of promise and potential, this electrifying MC and activist is currently preparing his newest body of work slated for release in early 2012.