Virtual CH

Artist bio

Creating a musical collaboration can be tedious and somewhat overwhelming, which is why this genius of a musician has decided to take on the role of playing all instruments and singing in his own bandVirtual CH. Compared to the vocals of Rivers Cuomo and the undeniable riffs of Cuomos band, Weezer, Virtual CH stands alone on a stage, yet captures the sounds of all the instruments heard throughout his songs.

Each performance of Virtual CH is unedited in order to deliver a true, live band performance. With performances that include Harrington either on stage or on screen, this artist creates an atmosphere that emanates a strong sense of self-awareness. Previous to this new project he calls Virtual CH, Chris Harrington has released several different videos and recordings that include the acclaimed album, You the Provider. Currently producing records, music videos, and composing film at his studio called Clydes Coal Chute, Virtual CH is a representation of the all-knowing musician. It is clear that he is talented in almost every thing he dips his feet into, and the fact that he is willing to go beyond the norm makes him stand out as a valued musician with a charismatic personality.