Artist bio

Adreon Henry has spent the last decade developing a long list of successful music, art, and mixed media projects including the '00s art / electro / post-punk trio Single Frame, spin and mashup masters Car Stereo Wars, and rap / punk / performance art troop CUSTODIAN. Recent art projects range from the opening of E-Z Egos and Effigies, an Austin convenience store dedicated to the sale of online personas and accompanying vinyl paintings, to a residency to develop pieces for the Albuquerque Film Festival in honor of actor Dean Stockwell, to design and branding for hip Austin eateries.

Henrys newest project, Videoing, reunites his musical tweaks, spastic drums, and skate shoe vox with the sonic oddities and dirty boot guitar mess and finesse of Single Frame co-founder, Brendan Reilly. Jen Bradley (also of CUSTODIAN) alters the dynamic with a menagerie of synth, stiletto Polly Jean vocal stylings, and rough spun aesthetics. Videoings debut release, Reader LP, is out July 10, 2012.