Van Damsel

Artist bio

Van Damsel is an alternative pop/rock foursome from Kamloops, British Columbia, consisting of Matthew "Renny" Rennehan (bass), Rich Bregoliss (lead guitar, synths), Sebastien Ste Marie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synths), and Matthew Barron (drums, percussion, synths). All members attended the same high school and formed through mutual connections with Matthew B.

From 2007 to 2009, three of the members (sans Sebastien) performed in a death metal band, using different instruments from what they currently play. All the while, Sebastien, Rich, and Matthew experimented with indie-rock style jams. In August of 2009, the metal group broke up and Renny joined the other three to form what would eventually be called Van Damsel.

The group's sound was initially raw (two guitars, bass, and drums) and the songs often had lengthy jam sections. Following the release of two EPs Say Hello to Your Mother in 2012 and The Sunshine, Girl in 2013 the group began seriously exploring their songwriting craft, live show, and overall message. The process that followed has been one of writing, demoing, re-writing, and re-demoing each song on their upcoming debut LP, Van Damsel, slated for release in Spring 2016. Ultimately, Van Damsel, is an upbeat, polished, and supremely danceable pop album with lyrics that promote perseverance, social responsibility, and the pursuit of greatness.

2015 has seen Van Damsel tour across Canada twice and take home $50,000 in the highly regarded PEAK Performance Project. They have seen success on Canadian commercial radio, XM Radio, and online with the hook-laden lead single, Best of Everything. On November 20th, the group released their second single from the LP, "Sophia," a groovy, 80s-inspired love song. Expect more great things from Van Damsel in the near future.