Artist bio

Even before they scored a record deal, Austin trio Ume (pronounced "ooo-may") already were in good company, garnering comparisons to heavy-hitting groups like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric and Sonic Youth.

But now that they're signed and gearing up to release their sophomore LP, this band is fully ready to break out in a whole new way. Phantoms, which drops in August, is the perfect description of this group's sound, an unexpected mashup of eerie fragility and in-your-face rock. In other words, this is music that can morph from easy, chill listening to throbbing late-night anthems within the course of a song.

Frontwoman Lauren Larson's breathy vocals give tracks like "Captive" an ethereal vibe, but this initial delicateness is immediately counteracted by thundering guitar riffs, explosive percussion, and dynamic beats. The result of these sounds is hard to pinpoint, but it's a little like fuzzy shoegaze, raw garage rock, and irresistible pop all rolled into one fiery package. Download "Captive" here and get your ears ready for this true triple threat.