Tying Tiffany

Artist bio

Exceptional musician, prestigious supermodel, revolutionary DJ, actress, venerated muse of countless artists... there is practically no end in characterizing the Italian icon TYING TIFFANY. Right in the middle of provocative catwalk appearances for Diesel and cult designers, riotous live performances and the glamorous world of uncounted magazine covers, TYING TIFFANY has created her unique dazzling universe which she is about to expand with her new Ep "One" (out now on ZerOKilled Music, featuring the single "One Second").

British Goth godmother Siouxsie Sioux comes to ones mind as inevitably as The Velvet Underground femme fatale Nico or Andy Warhols muse Edie Sedwick when TYING TIFFANY enters the scene with her musical visions. The legendary spirit of early Joy Division, paired with a boundless devotion to the mel- ancholic monotony found in Bauhaus and a powerful influence of rushing Electroclash frame the ring in which she runs riot like a possessed sex symbol and in which she un- leashes an energy painfully missed in most other contemporary female solo artists. Be aware, though: there is a monstrously creative beast hiding behind those endless legs and the coquettishly twinkling eyes, a snarling fury who couldnt be further away from high societys expressionless girlies and who really has something to say in her abysmal lyrics.

After releasing her first single "You Know Me" with Berlin cult electronic label Get Physical she debuts in 2005 with the full length album "Undercover" (Jato Music): an astounding condensed citationist and an explicit feminist stance. Techno Punk and hardcore rhythms and electro living together with the Industrial past of TT, with her pas- sion for post punk and dadaism. The record attracts great interest from critics and public.
"Brain for Breakfast" follows released by the American label Scream Records, an album of passage, rich with collaborations among those with Nic Endo and Pete Namlook. A tour sets off that winds through more than 200 dates throughout Europe sharing the stage with artists such as Iggy Pop,!Buzzcocks,!Stereo Total,!Alec Empire and more.

2010 is the year of "Peoples Temple" (Trisol Records), where TT delivers a lesson in Punkish attitude, revolutionary gusto and a dark shades of electronica. The album fea- tures "Storycide" used in the cult TV Series C.S.I..

In 2012 the goth-pop siren releases then "Dark Days, White Nights" (out on Trisol), an album highly influenced by 1st wave electronica that includes the single "Drowning" used on FIFA 2012 soundtrack, and "New Colony" used in C.S.I NY.

Thanx to the collaboration with NYC sync label ZerOKilled Music, TT recently formed a new project with her producer Lorenzo Montana' called T.T.L. (Through the Lens) dedi- cated to compose cutting edge music for Film and Trailers. T.T.L.'s "Deep Shadow" be- came the soundtrack to "The Hunger Games" movie trailer (Lionsgate 2012).