Turner Cody

Artist bio

Turner Cody is a prolific songwriter who has been performing and recording for over ten years. He has toured Europe and the UK since 2003 with Herman Dune, Adam Green, James Levy and others. He has appeared on some of New York's finest stages with the Citizen's Band. Cody is an artist whose vision blends the old with the new, the hope-filled with the melancholic, the sacred with the profane.

Turner's first commercial release was on Rough Trade's 2002 "Anti-folk Vol.1" CD alongside Adam Green, Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis and others from NYC's legendary Sidewalk Caf scene. Following official releases been Cody's "Quarter Century/The Great Migration" (LP 2006, Mad Monk.), "60 Seasons" (Compilation CD, 2007, by_records) "Quarter Century" (CD, 2007 Boy Scout/BB*Island). "First Light" (LP/CD 2008, Boy Scout /BB*Island/b.y_records) and "Gangbusters!" (CD 2010 Boy Scout). Before this, Cody self-released five albums: "Turner Cody" ('00), "This Springtime and Others" ('01), "Who Went West" ('01), "The Cody Choir" ('03), and "Buds of May" ('04). Also Cody self-released a book of poetry entitled "The Return of the High Priestess and other Poems" and "New Moon Prayer and other Poems of Love and Fear".

In 2004, he co-founded the club night "Hassid Meets Hipster" which united two disparate elements of Brooklyn culture for three years.

Videos include: "Suzzannah", "Nobody Like You" (dir. Chris Edley) "Back In The Land of The Living" (dir. Eric Spang) " Going to California" (dir. John Fitzgerald) "Ounce of Gold" (dir. James Levy/TC).

TC's new record "The Last of the Big Time Spenders" is in production at present.

Source: Artist Facebook Page