Tribe Society

Artist bio

Sneaker head, skateboarding Uptown New York City musical mavericks shrouded in a haze of smoke, Tribe Society spark up synergy between alternative rock spirit and hip-hop soundscapes. If Metro Boomin produced Pink Floyd, it might sound something like the quintetGavin [vocals, guitar], Seth [flute, keyboards], Rory [bass, guitar], Brad [keyboards], and Phil [drums].

Signing to New York indie label, Lokal Legend, Tribe Society began stirring up buzz with a viral cover of Young Thugs Stoner. Next up, their 30-minute continuous mixtape, Delirium Sonata, spun classics from The Smashing Pumpkins and Eminem through a 21st century psychedelic kaleidoscope in between entrancing originals. The 2015 Lucid Dreams EP garnered acclaim from tastemakers like Mr. Suicide Sheep and Huffington Post, who described the band as powerful, intoxicating even. It spawned the single Kings, which peaked at #2 on HypeMachine and quietly amassed 2.3 million-plus Spotify streams. Along the way, they crafted what would become 2016s nine-track mixtape We Sell Drugs.