Trail of Dead

Artist bio

Dear listener,

This is our seventh album. We hope you enjoy it.
Please play it with volume.

Conrad Keely, ...Trail of Dead

Questions you might wish to ask or want to know about the album:
Where was this album recorded?

At the Sonic Ranch in El Paso Texas.

Do you have any interesting stories about the making of this album?

At what point do you see this album in your career?
This is our seventh album.

Was this a difficult record for you to make?
No, it was dead easy.

How does this album fit in with what is currently going on in music?
We hope it does not.

What were some of your influences in making this album?
Kraftwerk, Rush... I'm sure we're forgetting one or two.

What is your favorite planet?
Venus. As a kid it was Mars, but now it's Venus.

Why is the album titled Tao of the Dead?
Jason came up with the title as a pun, because we used the Tao Te
Ching as inspiration for lyrics.

That's interesting, would you like to comment more about that?
Not really, no.

I see you have a different line-up. How has this affected the music?
I could try to explain it with words, or you could listen to the album.

We also noticed you have a different label in the US. Would you like
to say something about that?

If something comes up we think you should be aware of we'll let you

At what point do you see your career?
We're at the sixteen year mark.

Is there a theme or story behind the lyrics of this album?
If answering yes means you want me to tell you rather than have you
discover it yourself, then, no.

Are you happy with this album?
It's my favorite one so far.