Tory Lanez

Artist bio

Rapper Tory Lanez rose from nothing to become one of the most versatile forces in the industry today, using his songwriting and producing talent to gain commercialized success without following anyone's set guidelines. He mixes rap with R&B. using vocals that switch from swift and rugged boasts to smooth and sensitive rifts. One of Lanez's top influences is Sean Kingston, who mentored him early in his career; he's also worked with Drake, Meek Mill, Rich the Kid, 50 Cent, Mansa and Wiz Khalifa. From homeless to chart-topping celebrity, Lanez's climb to the top was hard both personally and professionally, but has ultimately been worth it.

Tory Lanez, also known as Daystar Peterson, was born in Canada. He was left with anger after his mother passed away when he was young; adopted by his grandmother, internal problems surfaced in self-destructive ways, and he was expelled from multiple schools before dropping out junior year. His grandmother kicked him out and he was forced to live on the streets, causing him to finally confront the person who had been dictating his life: himself. Now. Lanez has turned his hardships and experiences into beats, lyrics and sound production. In 2009 he put out his first mixtape, T.L 2 T.O. He hit his big break in 2015 with his first EP Cruet Intentions; his first studio album I Told You released the following year. In 2018, he released his second studio album, Memories Don't Die, with added onto his come up. Not many artists have a Grammy nomination after only two albums. Not only that, he has made it onto the Billboard Top 100 five times with "Luv," "Say It," "Litty," "Rondo" and "Drifting." This brought in millions of views to his You Tube channel, with some in the 200 million range. As a talented songwriter, he has taken it into his own hands to create new words: "swavey encapsulates all the aspects that make Lanez a standout act in a diluted world.

His latest creation is the music video for "TAik tO Me", and we're all ears. The video opens up on a television screen as Rich the Kid stars in this special programming. It then transitions to different settings with various girls waiting for Lanez to call them back. With a bright orange jacket paired with a tiger, color floods the image as he invites his friends into his fantasy. As the call continues to be on hold, he lets his imagination take over for the best. It's the visuals, vocals, and features like this that have made Lanez gain this amount of popularity throughout the years, now acting as a mentor for smaller acts. As the television turns off, their life returns to their regularly scheduled programming and partying.