Tim Williams

Artist bio

October 20, 2009 marks the release of Careful Love, the new album from Brooklyn-based troubadour, Tim Williams. Following up 2007's acclaimed coffeehouse gem, When Work Is Done, Williams has now hung up his acoustic guitar and has returned with his most assertive recording to date, reinventing himself in band form and unshackling himself from the singer-songwriter stigma. Careful Love is a confirmation of Williams' new outlook on life, musical maturity, and poise.

Tim Williams had a change of heart--literally. In May 2008, Williams underwent intensive open-heart surgery that left him bedridden in recovery throughout most of the fall. Once out of the hospital, Williams immediately began writing/rehearsing new material, and joining him this time were keyboardist Misty Boyce and guitarist Matt Welsh (of Phonograph). Williams also had courage to try new things, like going to Los Angeles for the first time in his life. He explains Having lived in Brooklyn for such a long time, I was programmed to hate the sun-soaked city. Instead, he loved California. He also met someone amazing and fell in love.

For the first time in his life, Williams had some serious life experiences to write about. The musical upturn on Careful Love reflects this. The up-tempo track I Hit Another Wall is a perfect example, as Williams explains, I wrote the song as a reminder of how lucky I was to make it through. It was physically the most painful experience of my life.

Gritty guitars, saw tooth waves and lush harmonies lay down the perfect foundation for Williams' breathy croon. Oceans with its lush and dreamy swirls of descending delayed guitars surprises fans and illustrates how far Williams has come from his quieter beginnings. The dark, beat-driven Ozone Street and the twangy All In move around and intertwine with the three-part harmonies of Murderous Air.

The tone of the record is upbeat, an obvious testament to Williams' ability to take an undaunted approach to the past year of his life.

Careful Love was recorded at The Light Garden studios in Los Angeles (owned by Shana Levy of Let's Go Sailing) with engineer Dave Lynch. Williams also spent hours discussing musical ideas with Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart). Additional tracking was completed at The Ship in Eagle Rock, CA, and at Studio B and Mission Sound Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Mixing was done in the UK by Dave Lynch.