Tickley Feather

Artist bio

The creative force behind Tickley Feather, Annie Sachs, entered into music as inauspiciously as most; making friends with other neophytes who were looking for a creative way to spend their time. What differentiated Annie from her initial partners was an idiosyncratic and preternaturally bizarre voice and vocal style. Annie's abilities quickly made her a sought after member of many bands though she was essentially un-malleable to most of the conventional songwriting presented to her. Annie chose to forge her own path and selected the Tickley Feather nom de guerre in 2004 to attempt to define her own sound and use it to express her truly singular and unique perspective. Her initial recordings on a "gently used" four track were able to transcend the lo-fi ghetto by eschewing preciousness in favor of bizarreness.

Around this time Annie was invited to participate in a film by director Danny Perez was preparing on behalf of Animal Collective. The group became interested in her music and invited her to release an album on their Paw Tracks imprint. The self titled album was released by Paw Tracks in the spring of 2008. It was preceded by a critically heralded split 7 inch with Serpents of Wisdom and another split 7 inch with Bermuda Triangles from Richmond, Virginia released on the CNP label.

After many years in Philadelphia, Annie decided she should consolidate her energies in her former home of Virginia. In a search for isolation Annie retreated to rural Virginia earlier this year and moved into a dilapidated farmhouse which had been annexed by a school for the deaf and the blind. She wished to remake the mold that she had cast with her previous work and was able to create what was to become her new album Hors d'oeuvres in an environment sympathetic to her aesthetic. Liberated by solitude and firmly entrenched with her young boy Aiden, Annie is now able to gain a new perspective and find a new direction.

Tickley Feather creates sensual junkyard pop with layers of delightfully sweet angel cake vocals. She has released two albums, with a third in the works, on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks record label. Tickley began in 2003 recording to tape at home creating her own standard of sound. While time has seen a smooth transition from one type of expression to the next, she remains a master of intimate sonic craft.

Source: Artist Facebook Page