This Frontier Needs Heros

Artist bio

Two years after their successful self-titled debut album, This Frontier Needs Heroes has been busy. They released a critically acclaimed album, The Future, in May, a new single called 2012 in December and are gearing up for a spring tour.

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the Alt-Folk duo Brad and Jessica Lauretti from Brooklyn, NY, their name inspired by the phrase scrawled on Woody Guthries guitar during WWII: "This Machine Kills Fascists. Listening to This Frontier Needs Heroes is like having Brad and Jessica play in your backyard while the sun comes up. With their powerful delivery and delicate harmonies, their music is full of idealistic lyrical stories of love, loss and longing for a better world.

The single, 2012, with its new upbeat Phil Spector sound, was highlighted as a must-hear new release on WNYCs Soundcheck. 2012 is like a Ricky Nelson song for the end times. One lyric says to "Grab yourself the best d@#n girl you can!" Which is good advice, even if the world isn't going to end.

After two years of touring, including an epic North American tour and two trips to Europe, they began working on The Future in an old schoolhouse in Wassaic, NY. Engineer Justin Pizzoferrato had recently recorded J Mascis and Thurston Moores solo albums and was in the perfect zone for recording their stripped-down sound.

The new album, released on their newly formed label Heroic Endeavours Records, album has wild new songs like Space Baby, Reckless Girl and Calamity Jane, about all of their rambling experiences including new visions about the future of America, heroes and myths and even Gonzo Journalism. It also includes 3D album art and glasses. Basically everything you need to survive the post-apocalyptic world.

Their music ranges from simply arranged, heartbreaking ballads to raucous foot-tappers, complete with rambling electric guitar solos and handclaps... both call to mind vast and often desolate American landscapes.