The Uglysuit

Artist bio

The Uglysuit were an indie rock band from Oklahoma City. They are made up of Israel Hindman (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Kyle Mayfield (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums), Crosby Bray (Vocals, Drums, Guitar), Jonathan Martin (Vocals, Piano, Organ, Guitar), Colin Bray (Vocals, Guitar), and Dustin Maynord (Bass, Guitar).

Their name, "The Uglysuit", is a reference to how the band members enjoy dressing up in old suits at thrift stores. The sextet met in high school, and before much time Hindman became the singer in the screamo/hardcore band Corban Eldra. The demise of Corban Eldra was the beginning of what would soon become The Uglysuit. "It was just a stage in our life. But eventually we just wanted to go from playing fast punk to really touching people's hearts," Hindman says.

Since their formation in 2006 they are known for the genre-bending compositions that range from breezy indie pop, psychedelic folk, shoegaze, and rock and hopeful lyrics. Sometimes they can be considered a jam band and have been compared to Phish. The All Music Guide called their debut "one of 2008's most promising records".

Source: Wikipedia