The Temper Trap

Artist bio

The Temper Trap, a London-based rock band whose ambitious and cathartic songs have started to garner them international praise and devoted fans around the globe are revving up for their anticipated Fall US release. Their talents are apparent when you hear the soaring melodies, the hard hitting percussion and the expertly crafted songwriting, but subtly within, there lies a magic that has captivated audiences. On their debut, entitled Conditions, the 4-piece sound larger than the sum of their parts and have won legions of fans with their energetic and crowd elevating live shows. The ten-track album will arrive on North American shores via Glassnote Records on October 13, 2009. Conditions was recorded in Melbourne, the bands original hometown, and London by British producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Bjork, Adele, Kasabian, Massive Attack).

Some people claim first impressions tell you everything. Judging by the band's US reception this past Spring at SXSW, where they played four vigorous, high-octane shows gaining critical acclaim by some of the industry's most influential critics, the band give validity to the statement. The British newspaper The Telegraph, who attended one of their Austin showcases, wrote lead singer's [Dougy Mandagi] high, sweet voice, sails over vast tableaus of scruffy lo-fi music. The Temper Trap make most SXSW bands sound like amateurs. The early acclaim continues; The Temper Trap are already getting airplay at influential US radio stations, KCRW and KEXP.

The centerpiece of the band's instantly familiar songs is the breathtaking falsetto vocals of Indonesian lead singer Dougy Mandagi. He moves up and down the scale, delivering their heart pounding choruses with incredible power and passion. Nowhere is this more evident than on breakthrough track, Sweet Disposition. The infectious song instantly won the band a steady stream of influential fans and played a part in the group earning Band to Watch in '09 honors from the BBC and NME. Sweet Disposition is now featured prominently in the film, the soundtrack and the trailer for upcoming Fox Searchlight's 500 Days of Summer starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which has the internet buzzing with chatter. The song will be released in the US on iTunes on 7/14 to coincide with the release of the film. The ten tracks play like an anthemic collection of epic grandeur brilliantly executed on the bold album opener Love Lost, which sets the tone with climatic crescendos, a band feature. It then moves on to the drum driven, collective sing-a-long melody of Down River and to the energetic, electric guitar propelled Fader. But again, there is that voice, showcased delicately on the heartbreaking Soldier On, defining the band's distinctive and refreshing new sound.

This is a band you can sing to, dance with and dream along side of as you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the youthful exuberance of the album which translates effortlessly onto the stage. These songs are big enough for the masses and intimate enough for Sunday afternoons. America will surely follow suit in the world's love affair with The Temper Trap.