The TANUKI Project

Artist bio

Montreal based alternative electronic visual band, TANUKI Project, a sexy dark sound, mixing mesmerizing vocals, hypnotic bass lines and powerful drums with raw black and white video projections. Their sound and visuals create a world you can feel in your brain and body music that is art you can breath in. This band must be experienced live to truly catch and feel the artistic and stroboscopic atmosphere they create.

Their self-produced debut album Playground for everyone was released august 2010 with Aquarius Records/DKD group. Songs off the album were also featured in Degrassi 2011 season, Browns shoes Celebrities for Charity videos, and Spring shoe companys War Child web ads.
In 2010 they toured Canada at Canadian Music Week, [FAT] Toronto Alternative Art and Fashion week, Festival Mode & Design Montreal, showcases at Toronto Indie Week, COCA central regional conference and more.

In 2011 Tanuki project 'is back with new projects and a new identity: release of a 4 tracks EP end of 2011, a Tokyo tour during the Japan Music Week, and a deepened artistic statement: hypnotic black and white visual themes, edgy rock electro sound, some bloggers saying it sounds like ' The Ting Tings meet Nine Inch Nails '. Last year they decided to go independant and release their second album in 2012 with their own diy label Go with the flow ( IODA digital distribution ).

Feeding on their professional experience in the fields of multimedia, web and the music business, Legyl and Nady explore without compromising their art to remain creative, and deepen their links with the movies world: composition of the original soundtrack of a 3D animation short movie for the company Heliofant, to be released june 2012 and several songs placements in videos and ads for Ford and a few Degrassi episodes.

The first single High Unholy, which talks about setting free the sacred monster sleeping in all of us, is a good mix of this 'alternative electro with a touch of indus' energy characterizing Tanuki project's unique sound, who also charmed the MEG festival team, proposing them a slot for the festival next august. Without crossing the mainstream border,Tanuki gets closer to the melody and dancing beats while experimenting again, faithful to their statement: ' we wake up in the morning and make some music and images. for Art's sake '.