The Tambo Rays

Artist bio

In examining the sound, story and circumstances injected into Oakland-based indie-pop-rock band The Tambo Rays new EP, you would be hard pressed to come up with a more fitting title than Recharge.

The project has been on again off again since its inception in 2012 by founder Brian DaMert (guitar, vox) who soon found an immediately furthered kinship with his sister, Sara (lead vox), who joined with no previous musical experience. Joined by Greg Sellin (bass/ back vox) and Bob Jakubs (drums), The Tambo Rays would soon go on to release their debut EP, Kaleidoscope.

The momentum would be quickly interrupted, however, as the DaMerts and Sellin found success as members of WATERS with the failing health of Brian and Saras father weighing on them through his passing in 2015.

The past two years have been a healing process, shares Brian. Writing music was a form of therapy during these turbulent times, what came out of it was this EP.

With Recharge, The Tambo Rays craft buoyant, sun-soaked pop-rock as Saras infectious vocals and energy spring out like the prismatic light structures their father was famous for creating in the 70s. The EPs five life-affirming tracks respond to the uncertainties of life with radiant positivity and saccharine, driving pop-rock reminiscent of golden-era Blondie. The EP also marks the bands first release with Lisa Weiss (keys) who joined in 2016.