The Sweeplings

Artist bio

What began as a casual night at home with the TV onbecame so much more.

Americas Got Talent moved from simply being background noise when a female singer caused Whitneys wife Bethany to pause the show and bring her husband in to watch. Camis audition. Thats who you need to write with. A simple statement proposed by Bethany. A long shot? Maybe. But a few FB messages and a few tweetsquickly evolved into a flight to Washington state to explore the possible creative collaboration between Cami and Whitney.

3 days8 songs laterthe creative connection was evident. Next, a trip to Alabama. 2nd time together as a duo. 3 more songs added to their catalog and a sold out concert finishing out the trip. With only 6 days actually spent in the same room all the songs, videos and photos viewed are a result. A duo strengthened by the production and marketing efforts of Bethany (Whitneys wife) and Eric (Camis husband). Living on opposite ends of the country certainly has its challenges, but they continue to trade work back and forth between emails and Skype conversations. Somehowit works.

Two artists on opposite ends of the US morphed into this amazing musical duo. Who would have guessed?