The Stationary Set

Artist bio

The Stationary Set had a very simple idea -- to write songs of a greater nature they found appealing and attainable, without sacrificing content or dumbing anything down; without fear of being too blatant or loud; and to make the "pop" in pop music less of a dirty word.

Grouping together an EP of songs, the band laid down the doormat for its home in the indie/pop realm in 2008. Several cross-country tours and elbow-to-elbow shows in NYC and Brooklyn later, The Stationary Set came up for air with a treasure chest of new songs, a sampling of which were recorded in studios, practice rooms and ghost houses in August 2009.

Virally melodic and epic in nature, The Stationary Set injects elements into the traditional four-minute pop song that todays indie-rock fandom havent heard in a long time.

They released their third studio album "Haunt On," in 2012 (co-produced and engineered by Mike Beck) and immediately followed with the EP "WKNDS" featuring reworks and remixes by some of Brooklyn's finest up and coming artists.