The Shivers

Artist bio

The Shivers is a musical group which was formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York City by Keith Zarriello and Joanna Erdos.

The Shivers' first record, "The Shakes", was recorded at Context Studios in Brooklyn. It was released independently and sold at shows and is now out of print. Shortly thereafter, Erdos left the band and Zarriello was left to continue on alone playing New York City clubs for the next few years both solo and with a revolving cast of musicians. These shows were poorly attended.

In 2004, Zarriello was spotted by touring musician Red Hunter who offered to take him on the road and release an album on his label/collective, Whiskey and Apples. The album, CHARADES, released in October 2004, received little critical attention but began to develop The Shivers a following. The track "Beauty" has gone on, in subsequent years, to receive good reviews on sites such as Pitchfork, who said Zarriello's voice carried a "mesmerizing eroticism", and was a subject of a column in The Guardian.

While Zarriello was living in Montreal, Canada, he was contacted by a former high school classmate, Sheldon Roberts, who had discovered The Shivers' music through a friend and proposed releasing their next album on a label he and friends were forming, Outerborough Records. Zarriello agreed and took measures to return to the United States.

Frustrated by a lack of commercial success and what he felt was an unacceptable level of commitment to the band, Zarriello dismissed all the band members except Schornikow, and the two continued as a duo. The Shivers had been in talks with Hewitt about releasing a DIY record on his micro-indie, State Capital Records. The label and the band would split all costs and profits. The album, In The Morning, was recorded on a 4-track tape recorder. It was the rawest, most analog/DIY album The Shivers had made since CHARADES and featured a more experimental duo sound. Again it did very little commercially and was primarily used as something to sell while on tour. The Shivers bought out Hewitt and now solely own the record.

The Shivers continued on as a duo doing national tours and short stints overseas, and decided to independently record an album.

Source: Wikipedia