The Scheme

Artist bio

The Scheme aptly named due to their constant need to always have the next big plan are smartly chiseling a name for themselves on the international music scene as 'the band to watch. Their distinct voices, arrangements, musicianship and talent for writing bloody good songs, are the reason why their first track notched up over 400,000 hits on youtube; and that was before their publicity machine even kicked into gear! Their loyal fans, dubbed 'the schemers, are clearly making sure that their band get the exposure they truly deserve.

Welcome Kris, Kyle and Aleksey, who together form the perfect package of The Scheme. Each are formidable vocalists in their own right, but the harmonies their voices create are truly off the hook. Blending into a distinctive sound thats somewhere betwixt The Script meets Lawson, these boys are creating a vibe like no other musical fusion out there. Look beyond the hoards of screaming fans and enviable jaw-dropping image and youll find a solid 3-piece whose melodies and lyrics are comparable to some of the best in the business.

[From a press release]