The Rouge

Artist bio

Even before the release of their first major label record, the guys in The Rouge have already lived an epic rocknroll tale, one filled with incredible highs, humbling depths and everything in-between.

And their journey -- from near homelessness to the verge of stardom -- was an absolute necessity, if you ask the band.

"You can hear everything we went through in our first single," says vocalist Josh Vaught, discussing "Pressure," a song off the bands soon-to-be-released Atlantic Records debut Blurry. "The chorus goes, 'Hey pressure / Leave us alone / All we need is rocknroll. Very simple. But its us about playing the kind of music we want to play, doing things our way, and not worrying about what everyone else thinks."

The band plans to hit the road in 2013 to showcase the new songsand show that, maturity or not, they can still cause a ruckus on stage.